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Customize the daily greeting

When you turn on the 200LX for the first time each day, you are greeted by the Appointment Book telling you of any appointments you have that day. If you have no new items, you get the message: No new or due items today.

You can customize this message by modifying a file named APPTS.INI. Here's how you do it.

Edit APPTS.INI in Memo. Press (MEMO) (MENU) File Open. Enter D:\_DAT\APPTS .INI and press (ENTER). You'll get a screen that looks like the one shown below.

The APPTS.INI opening message file as displayed in Memo.

You can now change/add to the greeting messages. When you are done editing the file, press (MENU) File Save C:\_DAT\APPTS.INI and press (ENTER). Notice that you've saved the file in a different location: C:\_DAT. The Palmtop looks to this directory first for the APPTS.INI file when you open it up the first time each day. If it doesn't find it in C:\_DAT, it looks to the permanent copy in D:\_DAT.


Take a look again at the screen below showing APPTS.INI open in Memo. The first three lines of the file specify the message you get on a day with no new or due items. The COUNT=x line lets you specify how many different no new items messages there are, with the default file having only one. So, for example, you could add a second message by changing the second line to COUNT=2 and adding a fourth line as shown below (single line):

002=No appointments or ToDo's. Check tomorrow.

You would add this line immediately below the third line and make sure there is an empty line between it and the [FORTUNECOOKIE] line.


The next section, beginning with [FORTUNECOOKIE], lets you specify the 'message of the day.' These are displayed when you first turn on the Palmtop each day and are selected randomly from a list of 85 entries. In the APPTS .INI file that comes with the Palmtop, these are tips about the Palmtop.

Once again, the COUNT=x line says how many there are. The default file comes with 85 messages. If you add a message to this section, you must up that count one. If you delete a message, you must take the count down one. Keep the numbering of the messages in order (i.e., if you add a message, put it at the end after 085 and number it 086, and make sure the count is changed to 86).

Below the first three lines of the [FORTUNECOOKIE] section are the actual messages, each in the format:

<3-digit item #>=<text>

The text can have an embedded tilde (~) to indicate a line break. When you look in the default APPTS.INI file D:\ _DAT\APPTS.INI you'll find that the third and fourth line, and the last two lines in the FORTUNE COOKIE section are comment lines, beginning with the characters ;= and containing tildes showing where line breaks MUST occur. You can have one or two lines, and the lines can be shorter than the maximum of 46 characters allowed.

There are two utilities on the 1995/96 HP Palmtop Paper's Subscriber's PowerDisk called GREET.COM and GREETIME .COM (in GREET100.EXE) that will force the greeting to occur at a time you specify. GREETIME.COM sets the time that is taken to mean a new day has started - i.e., after what time turning the Palmtop on triggers the greeting and GREET.COM displays the greeting. You only have to run GREETIME.COM once. The time will be set until you cold boot the machine and initialize the RAM disk or remove all batteries.

Steven Van Dyke

CompuServe ID: [70611,2147]

iPhone Life magazine

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