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Zippy Backup

There are many ways to lose data with a computer, but only one way to ensure you can recover from the loss

make good backups regularly. I use ZIP to backup my 100LX.

First, I set up ZIP to run in Server mode on the 100LX. I do this with the following entry in Application Manager:

Name: &ZIP

Path: a:\bin\zip.com /v

(you will have to modify the path for your machine.)

Comments: upside down ! (Fn-!) upside down ? (Fn-?)

(The upside down ! shuts down System Manager to prevent it

from interfering with the serial port while ZIP is running.)

I connect my Palmtop to my notebook computer using the HP Connectivity Cable. Then I run the following BAT file on my notebook computer, which is where I archive the data from my 100LX.

c:\zip\zip a:\_dat\*.* /ft[c:\hp100bak\dat]

c:\zip\zip a:\archive\*.* /ft[c:\hp100bak\archive]

c:\zip\zip a:\is\*.* /ft[c:\hp100bak\is]

c:\zip\zip a:\123\*.* /ft[c:\hp100bak\123]

c:\zip\zip c:\*.* /ft[c:\hp100bak\c]

c:\zip\zip c:\_dat\*.* /ft[c:\hp100bak\c\_dat]

c:\zip\zip /u

As you can see, I have ZIP in the C:\ZIP directory on my notebook. I then go to each directory on the 100LX where I keep data and copy over new or changed files to a mirror directory on my laptop. The last line unloads ZIP from the Palmtop.

You also need to ensure that the clock on your Palmtop is synchronized to the clock on your PC, or else ZIP will not run.

Victor Roberts

CompuServe ID: [70413,1423]

iPhone Life magazine

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