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Chess for the HP 200LX

Chess for the HP 200LX

If you do not mind spending the money, Fritz 2.0 is a very good chess program that works on the HP 200LX. It includes some great features, including game analysis, game databases, solve for mate, set-up positions, etc. It plays a pretty decent game (probably rates around 2000). It definitely beats me on a regular basis, but that's not saying much.

I like to use it to follow games out of the newspaper or work out chess problems. It's available from Chessbase USE for $49.95 (phone: 800-524-3527 or 301-733-7541; Fax: 301-797-6269).

I definitely feel like I have gotten my money's worth.

Fred Rice/Chi 76274.1236@compuserve.com.

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