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AllPoints Card/WyndMAIL Service

AllPoints Card/WyndMail Service

Wireless messaging solution for the HP Palmtop.

By Rich Hall

HP just announced that as of September 1, 1996 a test program will be run through selected HP dealers that will offer an integrated wireless messaging solution for the HP Palmtop. The system includes the HP 200LX, a Megahertz AllPoints Wireless PC Card, and WyndMail messaging service operating over the RAM Mobile Data Mobitex network. The WyndMail messaging software will be configured for the HP Palmtop and the system will allow Palmtop users to easily send and receive e-mail, faxes and paging wirelessly.

The previous article by Mike Fine describes the AllPoints Wireless PC Card and its use with the RadioMail and WyndMail wireless messaging services. The WyndMail/AllPoints system offers features that include the ability to:

  • Send and receive wireless Internet e-mail.
  • Send a fax message from the Palmtop to anywhere in the world, and access a personal library of electronically stored documents that can be merged with your fax.
  • Send and receive paging information; operator dispatch to the 200LX is available. Create your own paging message on the 200LX and send it to any common paging network.
  • Send text-to-speech and speech-to-text messages. When you send an e-mail message using this option it transmits the message to the recipient over phone lines in a computer-generated voice.
  • Filter messages so that you receive certain messages immediately and have others held by WyndMail for retrieval at a more convenient time (filter by size, content, or sender).
  • Re-route your e-mail to any other WyndMail Internet address (useful for when you are on the road).
  • Access WyndMail service via a standard modem. This lets you access e-mail from a standard phone line when you are out of wireless transmission/reception range, or the wireless modem is not available. It is a more cost effective way to download e-mail and larger files. HP recommends that you use your AC adapter when using this dial-up mode.
  • Attach files to e-mail, allowing you to send and receive spreadsheets, database updates and other critical information.
  • Access e-mail addresses in your Palmtop's PhoneBook. Modify PhoneBook and add a category called "Internet." The PhoneBook's Internet listings will appear in the Wynd address book.
As mentioned earlier, the integrated solution will be available from selected HP dealers September 1, 1996. Wynd Communications will make the Palmtop configured WyndMail software available July 15. Contact WyndMail if additional information is required and mention the Hewlett-Packard Wireless Communications Bundle.

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