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Comparing 1-2-3 on the desktop and the Palmtop

The Lotus 1-2-3 version that is included on the 100/200LX (ver.2.4) is very similar to Lotus 1-2-3 ver.2.4 for the desktop. Here are some of the modifications that HP did to make 1-2-3 fit into the Palmtop's small amount of ROM.

  • Write-protected cells appear no different from other cells. On the desktop version, the data in the write-protected cells appear in different colors from the non-write-protected cells.
  • "PR" appears in the control panel when a protected cell is highlighted.
  • Because of ROM memory constraints, the Help text, though still good, is less extensive -- instead of a paragraph or so for each help subject, you get one sentence. Help is still context sensitive. For example, if you are entering a date using the @DATE command, but forget the exact syntax, type in @DATE, press (F1) (Help), and the following help message is displayed:



@DATE (year,month,day) calculates a date number for year, month, and day.
  • The macro commands {BIGLEFT}, {BIGRIGHT}, {PGUP}, and {PGDN} will operate differently depending on whether your Palmtop is displaying 6 columns x 13 rows or 8 columns x 20 rows (to change the size of your display, press (Fn) (Spacebar)).



In other words, if you are in 20 rows x 8 columns, the {PGDN} or {Page Down} command will go down 20 rows, if you are in 13 row x 6 column mode, the {PGDN} will page down 13 rows. If these macro commands are used and the zoom feature has been changed, this can cause big problems. So be careful.
  • There is no 123.EXE file, so you cannot start 1-2-3 from DOS.
  • To save memory, the default status for the Undo feature is off (disabled). Select (MENU) Worksheet Global Default Other Undo Enable to turn Undo on.
  • Add-ins must be run from RAM. To auto work, an add-in must: fit in RAM; must work with any size screen in MDA or CGA mode; and must have been developed using the Add-in Toolkit specifications from Lotus.
  • The collating sequence for 1-2-3 can be set only in the Setup utility (see screen below).




1-2-3 can specify many configuration settings (press (MENU) Worksheet Global Default). The Palmtop's Setup utility ((&...) Setup (MENU) Options 1-2-3) also contains settings that affect 1-2-3, including 1-2-3 Sort Order which sets the order 1-2-3 sorts its databases. (A few of the settings appear in both the Palmtop's Setup and 1-2-3, such as date format, time format, punctuation, currency, and printing (interface and baud).)

Here are some things to remember.

  • Setup's time and date formats do not affect 1-2-3 cells.
  • Setup supplies default or initial values to 1-2-3 for punctuation and currency, as well as for the printer interface, baud, and name.
  • If you make a printer, punctuation or currency setting in 1-2-3, it overrides the setting in Setup.
  • For a (MENU) Worksheet Global Default setting command to remain in effect after the current session, you must preserve it with the Update command. Otherwise, the settings for the next session will take default values from Setup again.



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