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Lotus 1-2-3

Lotus 1-2-3

Automate importing and graphing with an interactive macro

Anytime you want to import text file data into 1-2-3 (importing numbers into 1-2-3 from an ASCII file), and graph your data, you are required to execute a lot of keystrokes for example, (MENU) File, Import, Numbers, enter the name of the file, then enter the commands to graph each time you call up a different file. There is an easier way using macros!

To do this we will create a Lotus template that contains a macro we will use each time we want to view our text file created graphs.

1. In Lotus 1-2-3, press (F5) (GoTo), type AA500, then press (ENTER). This will be a safe place to enter our macro if we delete some rows or some columns in the future, it shouldn't delete our macro.

2. Next give the macro a shortcut key combination by typing \z, then pressing (ENTER) (MENU) Range Name Labels Right (ENTER) (ENTER).

This creates a range name for our macro and makes the hot key combination (ALT) (Z) any time we want to run our macro we need only key in these key strokes.

3. Press (RightArrow) to go to cell AB500 and enter the following lines into cells AB500 through AB502.




Here is an explanation of the lines above:

Line 1: Goes to the Home cell, runs (MENU) File Import Numbers, then waits for you to supply the file name and press (ENTER), then it presses (ENTER) again.

Line 2: Runs (MENU) Range Name Create. Enters the word Graph, presses (ENTER) and waits for you to supply the range for Graph and press (ENTER), then it presses (ENTER) again.

 Line 3: Runs (MENU) Graph Group (using the Graph Columnwise), then runs View to view the graph.

Jesper E. Siig CompuServe ID: [100660,3503]

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