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By Rich Hall and Tom Gibson

Computer Bashing

Live with someone long enough and you begin to notice imperfections the way they snore, misuse a word, or tell the same story over and over again. Pressure begins to build! Living with a computer can have the same effect on you. The solution in either case is humor!

An enjoyable example of pressure-relieving humor is the program HIT.EXE. Copy this DOS program to your Palmtop and run it. You'll get an animation of computer bashing, as you see below.

Note the duck standing in front of a computer with a sledgehammer in his hand. Once activated, the duck smashes the unlucky desktop PC (or Mac?) over and over again.

The next time you would like to smash a computer, watch the duck do it for you.

Check out CompuServe HP Handheld Library 11 for HIT.ZIP. HIT.DOC provides explanations. We'll also supply the file on our ON DISK for this issue.


If you have a chance, visit http:// www.winn.com/pwinn/humor/ , a World Wide Web site specializing in humor. Thousands of quips and other chuckles are offered here, including:

"Energizer Bunny Arrested! Charged with battery;"

"Give me ambiguity or give me something else;"

"He who laughs last probably made a backup."

Many of these may be worth saving in your NoteTaker or Database jokes file, to carry with you for entertaining your friends.

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