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Practical Database Examples Wanted

Practical Database Examples Wanted

I am an ardent user and enthusiast of the HP 200LX. I load essential data from my desk computer into a 10MB flash card. I plug the flash card into my Palmtop and presto, I have all my important files with me. I update the flashcard weekly, sometimes more often. I frequently use the Palmtop to fax data when I travel and to download information from CompuServe.

I would like to read more articles about how various individuals use their Palmtops in business and for their personal life. What the Palmtop Paper needs to add reader interest is more testimonials. We all want to know how others are using their devices in hopes that we may learn a short cut or a new valuable use. It would be helpful if you could describe types of databases others are using.

Ervin Jackson, Jr.

Medical Photographer

Charlotte, North Carolina

[Here is a short list of uses for the Database application we either use ourselves, have heard about, or think would be neat.

* Restaurants database -- For cities you travel to, as well as your own city or town. Fields might include: Phone, Address, Category (French, Thai, etc.), Meals served (breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, etc.), Quality (excellent, good, fair, poor), Cost (expensive, average, great deal), Atmosphere (great, average, poor), etc.

* Home Inventory database -- For insurance purposes. Fields might include: Description of item, Quantity, Cost at date of purchase, Date of purchase, Serial number, etc.

* Jokes database -- For reference at parties or when making presentations. Fields might include: Key words (to remind you of the joke), Body (the full text of the joke. Best to use the Note field since you will need the room), Type (you could classify your jokes based on prospective audiences).

* Financial Advice database -- To refer to again and again as you continue to invest. Fields might include: Author, Category (stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.) Body (the full text of the advice. Best to use the Note field since you will need the room.)

* Happy database -- A list of things that make you happy (to be used when you get bored or can't think of anything to do). Fields might include: Event, Price (expensive, inexpensive, free), Distance (local, day trip, weekend, trip), Equipment (needed), People (to call for advice or to invite. Best to use the Note field since you will need the room).

* Car Research database -- A list of information about a car you are thinking of purchasing. Fields might include: Dealership, Salesperson, Dealership phone number, Options (Best to use the Note field since you will need the room), Price, etc. (You can also use this idea for houses, stereos, boats, or any other item you are thinking of purchasing.)

* Life Goals database -- A list of things you want to accomplish before you die/move on. Fields might include: Goal, Location (local, in this country, name of other country), Necessary equipment, People (with information/help or to invite along. Best to use the Note field since you will need the room), Category, Cost, etc.

* Recipes database -- A list of great recipes you have tried. Fields might include: Category (French, Mexican, etc.), Meat/Veg (includes meat, fish, or vegetarian) Body (the recipe itself. Best to use the Note field since you will need the room).

* ToDo List database -- You can set up a ToDo list that you can sort by category.

* Inspiring Quotations database -- For inspiration for yourself and others. Fields might include: Author, Subject (money, fun, love, relatives, work, etc.), Body (text of the quote, best use the Note field for size.)

* Wish List database -- Things you want to buy when you have the money. Fields might include: Name (of item), Priority, Price, Category (clothes, car, etc.), Date (if its purchase is necessarily seasonal, like going on a vacation you can only take in the summer), Body (best to use the Note field since you will need the room.), etc.

* Vocabulary database -- Words you want to learn. Fields might include: Word, Meaning, etc.

* Foreign Language database -- (Spanish, Navajo, Egyptian, etc.) words you want to learn. Fields might include: English (the meaning of the word in English or your mother language), Spanish (the meaning of the word in Spanish, etc.), Body (Conjugations if the word is a verb, or other information you want to include on the word. Best to use the Note field since you will need the room), etc. Paul Merrill, Carol de Giere]

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