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It's Great to Hear From You! Some Results from our Readers Survey

It's Great to Hear From You! Some Results from our Readers Survey

Arriving by e-mail, fax, and snail mail, the dozens of Survey responses returned so far have brought us encouragement and useful feedback from readers in Asia, Europe, and the U.S.A. In case you missed it, our first official Reader's Survey can be found in our July/August issue, pg. 41. We would be happy to receive more responses. (To send by e-mail, simply list the question numbers next to your responses.)

Not surprisingly, we heard from expert Palmtop users who want more technical articles and novices who want more basic articles. Yoshimi Oasa of Japan said: Now I can say I am a technical expert thanks to The HP Palmtop Paper. Our hope is that more basic users will grow in their Palmtop skill by reading The HP Palmtop Paper.

We realize that we must continue to strive to make each article as comprehensible as possible for a range of readers. Someone recommended using more examples. That's one reason we include user profiles in the Paper. A computer programmer noted in his survey response that he skips the profiles. We expect that some of our subscribers will read some articles and skip others. However, we found that many read the Paper cover-to-cover. We did manage to frustrate a few people not yet on the Net with issues devoted primarily to the Internet and Wireless technology.

Technology Moves Ahead, Should We?

Our survey was designed to help us contemplate innovations and test the interest in hot topics such as the Net. One experienced Palmtop user says, You're too slow on innovations. You should have much more on the Internet. Others, as mentioned above, don't yet use the Net and don't want to hear about it. Most of those responding to the surveys indicated that they actively use the World Wide Web. About half approved of the idea proposed in the survey to create an e-mail version of The HP Palmtop Paper.

Slightly less than half of those responding wanted a broader range of articles, but mostly people want to stay informed on new developments that might possibly impact them. Matthew Rinberg of Totteridge, North London, U.K. concludes, I would like to see the Paper remain mostly as it is but to have a few pages on other handhelds like the OmniGo 100 or Newton just so that we know what else is happening in the rest of the market. Although we don't feel our mission includes coverage of the whole marketplace, we plan to continue covering innovations from Hewlett-Packard. At the same time, we agree with our readers who said that detailed How-to articles based on different operating systems such as GEOS (for the HP OmniGo 100/120 organizers) would cause confusion.

Your Wish List, and How You Can Help

Highest on the wish list for the Paper was product reviews. We will continue to print plenty of product reviews from outside sources and occasionally do an in-house review when resources permit. We invite you to contact us if you're interested in writing a review of a product.

Readers have also used the survey to make suggestions for articles or topics, such as My Favorite 10 Programs, health and fitness, and financial applications. We hope, now that you've considered what you want to read, you will also consider what you can give, whether a tip, an article, or a letter about a special database file you keep.

The greatest agreement from the readers was about the overall usefulness of The HP Palmtop Paper, the format, and the advertising. We are grateful to receive comments such as that from Yoshimi, who said, I have made a lot of e-mail friends all over the World reading User to User and Letters. The 1-2-3 column is really useful for my job...

Carol de Giere

iPhone Life magazine

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