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User to User: News from Around the World

User to User: News from Around the World

Hal reports on his recent trips and the discoveries he made while traveling, including some amazing Palmtop software; HP Handheld conferences this year and next; our new book PC in Your Pocket ; and the new HP Palmtop Paper Web site.

By Hal Goldstein

I spent this summer on the road. I traveled to Palmtop-related events in Chicago, New York, London, Paris, Singapore, Bangkok and Anaheim, California. Everywhere I went I met HP Palmtop users. I was continually reminded that Palmtop users transcend differences in age, culture, sex, language, profession, religion and anything else that normally separates us as people. We are a community of Palmtop users with friends everywhere.

I decided, no laptop for this trip. Normally I take one with me for writing and online communications. But this time I would rely totally on my Palmtop and an EXP ThinFax fax/modem card with 4MB of on-board memory. This combination did the trick when I needed to connect to CompuServe and pick up or send e-mail. When I needed to print out a fax I used the EXP's fax capability to print to the hotel fax machine.

I know many fellow users who type quickly and efficiently on the Palmtop, but I still suffer through my typing. I find anything more than a few sentences a struggle. I wish someone would figure out how to hook up to the Palmtop, one of the small wireless keyboards now available for laptop PC use. This kind of keyboard would be ideal for hotel room use.

I met many Palmtop users on my summer travels. Some I had known only through an e-mail address. I find that I unconsciously form a picture of a person from their e-mail address and the conversations we exchange. I get a small jolt when I meet the person face-to-face for the first time and discover that they look different than my mental picture of them. However, after about 15 seconds of shyness (as both of us adjust to communicating with eyes and ears rather than written words), it's like being with an old friend. I find the whole phenomena of cyberspace friends and communities fascinating.

In my role as Executive Editor of The HP Palmtop Paper, and as a CompuServe HPHAND member, I am continually exposed to stories about how people use their Palmtops. In Singapore, London, and Anaheim, I had a chance to meet many Palmtop users and was astounded at the creativity, depth and breadth of Palmtop usage. Many people promised to send me write-ups on products or techniques they developed, to share with readers of The HP Palmtop Paper. (If you made me a promise, I hope to here from you soon!)

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HP Handheld Conferences -- this year and next

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HP Palmtop Paper Web site on the way

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