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Customize the information on the 200LXs DataCard

The DataCard (the index card that appears on the right side of your screen in Phone Book) is really only a Smart Clip of the information in a data record. You can edit the existing definition of the DataCard Smart Clip. To do this:

  1. 1. At the All Phone Book Items screen press (F5) (Clip).
  2. 2. At the Smart Clip screen, use the ArrowKeys to highlight DataCard, then press (ALT) Edit.
  3. 3. Re-arrange the fields to your liking by cutting and pasting. (To add a field not listed, press (F2) (Field), use the ArrowKeys to highlight the field you want to add, then press (F10) (OK).
  4. You can add lines between your entries by placing a dash (-) (for a thin line) or an equal sign (=) (for a thick line) between lines at the Edit Smart Clip Definition screen. If you put the (-) or (=) at the end of a line containing a field, it will show up only as the character it is and will not create a line.
  5. 4. When you are done, save the Smart Clip by pressing (F10) (OK) (F10) (OK).
Another benefit of the DataCard is that it lists the number of the entry and the total number of entries at the bottom of the DataCard. For example, 164/426 means you are viewing the 164th entry and that the total number of entries in your Phone Book is 426.

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