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Copy a text file from your desktop to NoteTaker

Here's how to transfer a text (word processor) file to NoteTaker on your Palmtop from a desktop or laptop.

  1. 1. On the desktop or laptop, save the file as an ASCII text file. (Refer to your word processors user manual if you don't know how to do this.)
  2. 2. Transfer the ASCII file to your Palmtop. You can do this in two ways.
  3. a. Copy the file to your Palmtops PC Card using an external PC Card drive or one mounted in your desktop or laptop. Insert the card into the card slot on your Palmtop.
  4. b. Copy the file to your Palmtops C drive using a serial cable and the Palmtops built-in Filer application. (For more information on transferring files from a desktop/laptop to your Palmtop, see Connectivity Pack, Transferring files in your HP Palmtop User's Guide).
  5. 3. Go to NoteTaker by pressing (CTRL) (MEMO). Open the NoteTaker entry you want to add the ASCII file to. (To open a new NoteTaker file, press (F2) (Add).)
  6. 4. Press (F3) (Note) to display the Full Screen Note.
  7. 5. Position the cursor where you want to insert the text file and press (F3) (Insert). The Insert File into Note screen appears. Enter the path and filename of the ASCII file you want to insert (for example, C:\_DAT\NOTE.TXT), then press (F10) (OK). The text file appears in the Note field of your NoteTaker file.
Use this same procedure to insert an ASCII file into a Note field in Database, Phone Book and Appointment Book. (HPCALC)

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