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Use WINFILER to copy files to and from WIN95

Many Palmtop users have had trouble transferring files to and from their Palmtops and a desktop or laptop running Windows95. The shareware program WINFIL10.ZIP allows your Palmtop's Filer application to work in conjunction with a PC running Windows95. (WINFILER was written for the 200LX, but should work on the 100LX as well.)

To install WINFILER on your Windows95 desktop or laptop:

  1. 1. Run Windows 95 on your desktop or laptop PC.
  2. 2. Create a WINFILER directory on you PC.
  3. 3. Unzip WINFILER.ZIP using PKUNZIP. Put the unzipped files in the WINFILER directory.
  4. 4. The following files must be in your WINFILER directory:
  1. 5. To be able to call up WINFILER.EXE quickly, create a shortcut key following Windows95 procedures (optional).
To un-install WINFILER:

  1. 1. Delete the following files from your desktop (laptop) PC:
  1. 2. Delete your shortcut key using Windows95 procedures.
Juha Husgafvel

Internet ID: hysky@tuug.utu.fi or... hysky@utu.fi

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