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95LX-to-95LX Communication: Infrared Port Transfer Procedure

95LX-to-95LX Communication: Infrared Port Transfer Procedure

The 95LX's built-in software is stored on ROM. A new version of the software, 1.03A, is found in all 1MB 95LXs and in the newer 512K versions of the Palmtop PC. This release improves, among other things, FILER's ability to conserve battery power. In the new version, serial and infrared ports are not automatically turned on.

HP 95LXs with the new ROM will not establish a remote connection with another unit without first waking up the IR port on each unit. This is the case even if both machines are properly set up for IR communications.

To determine the software version on your 95LX:

  1. 1. Close all open applications.
  2. 2. Turn off the HP 95LX.
  3. 3. Hold down <ESC> and press <ON> to display the self-test menu and "revision" number. "Revision 9/20/91" indicates version 1.03A.
  4. 4. Press <ESC> to leave test menu.
When communicating between two HP 95LXs via the infrared port, the IR port must be turned on manually. Do this in either of two ways:

  1. 1. Press <COMM> to turn on ports unconditionally. After doing file transfer, return to <COMM> and press <MENU> Quit to turn off the ports, or;
  2. 2. Press <FILER> F6 on the 95LX that will act as Server. Wait until the connection attempt errors out (about 11 seconds). Press <ESC> to clear the error condition.
Use the following procedure to configure and establish a remote infrared connection between two HP 95LXs (version 1.03 A): Note: Save open files before transferring them.

The remote 95LX is also known as the "server" or "receiver." It will be controlled by the "local," "client," or "sender" 95LX. Set the remote and local 95LX up as follows:

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