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LOCAL (sender) 95LX SETUP

LOCAL (sender) 95LX SETUP

  1. 1. Press <FILER> <MENU> Remote-Set Config Interface.
  2. 2. Set Interface to 3 (Infrared).
  3. 3. Set the Baud rate (baud rate of both 95LXs must be the same).
  4. 4. Press Quit Quit to leave menus.
  5. 5. Position the local HP 95LX to the left of the remote HP 95LX as shown on page 20-19 of the HP 95LX User's Guide.
  6. 6. From FILER on the local 95LX press F6 (Remote) to establish the infrared connection.
  7. 7. From the local 95LX perform any desired file or directory operation between the two 95LXs. Press F7 (Split) to transfer files between the 95LXs.
  8. 8. Press <ALT> F6 to disconnect the infrared connection when communication is complete.
IMPORTANT: After you've completed the file transfer, exit COMM to turn off ports (press <COMM> <MENU> Quit).

If only one 95LX has ROM version 1.03 A, you can follow the procedure above, or let the 1.03 A version be the local (sender) unit.

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