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Printing to the HP LaserJet III

Printing to the HP LaserJet III

I'm wondering if you can help me get the 95LX to print using an HP LaserJet III. I tried to print using the serial interface cable and adapter connected to the LaserJet III's serial port with printer set to serial, RS-232 at 9600 Baud. The 95LX is set up at 9600 baud using the LaserJet interface on COM1. As soon as I connect the cable to the 95LX I get an error 40 message on the printer control panel display. I've had trouble getting through to HP's Palmtop technical support. I've left messages, but they don't seem to call you back. I tried calling HP printer technical support and while it was easy to get through, the support representative didn't know anything about the 95LX and couldn't help. It seems like a cable compatibility problem to me, but that seems unlikely considering both products are from HP.

The problem gets more complicated at my office where I have an HP LaserJet IIID connected to a Baytech serial printer sharing box. Can I connect to a port on the box and print? It didn't work when I tried it, but I did not get an error message, simply no output and no lights blinking on the LaserJet. Then I tried a direct connection to this printer and got the same error 40 message as on the LaserJet III at home.

Steve Levitus

Edina, MN, U.S.A.

[In general, to print to a LaserJet, enter the 95LX SET UP function by pressing <Shift><Filer>. Then press Printer Config Name 2. To make sure the 95LX's baud rate is the same as the printers, from SET UP press Printer Config Baud and then select the appropriate baud rate.

To print from Lotus, make sure the Interface option is properly set. Press <Menu> Worksheet Global Default Printer Interface. Press 2 to select the "Serial 1 - RS232" port and select the appropriate baud rate (press 8 to select "9600").

I duplicated the error message on my LaserJet series II by setting the baud rates different (printer 9600, 95LX anything but 9600). When I set both devices to 9600, I could print to the LaserJet from any of the 95LX's built-in applications. I called LaserJet technical support (208-323-2551) and asked a person named Kevin about the possible causes of a 40 ERROR message. He told me that in addition to the above, you can get that message if your printer cable is bad, or if you are using the wrong adapter with the cable. Double check to make sure your LaserJet III is configured correctly (check your LaserJet manual for instructions). If everything is set correctly, check out your cable and adapter -- Rich.]

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