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Problems Encountered by Non-U.S. User

Problems Encountered by Non-U.S. User

Thanks for sending me the first, very interesting issue of The HP Palmtop Paper. Here is a 95LX problem, which other (especially non-U.S. users) may echo.

HP CALC's conversion functions are very useful, but HP should recognize that not everybody uses the U.S. conventions for mass and volume. I doubt if many in the U.K. would need to convert to U.S. pints, quarts, or tons. (We do, however, use U.S. gallons in aviation.) It would be better to allow the user to set these, or for HP to arrange for an International version of the 95LX that recognizes the differences and selects the appropriate

table according to some choice in SET UP.

I hope that HP in England will be more supportive and not bounce all questions on to DIP Systems. I also think it would be good if somebody in the U.K. was a distributor for The HP Palmtop Paper.

John Garrett

Ipswich, ENGLAND

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