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Beginning Discoveries

Beginning Discoveries

I settled for doing the expected things at first, like transferring my telephone numbers to PHONE, my calendar to APPT, using HP CALC, and jotting down notes to myself on the 95LX's MEMO function.

I tended to leave my applications open, but one afternoon my screen flashed "out of memory" when trying to access MEMO. I closed my applications and entered SET UP and expanded working memory. I later learned from HP Technical Support that the operating memory of the 95LX would limit the working space of any particular application, based upon how many applications were open. I learned an important lesson; close out (Quit) unneeded applications to maximize operating memory (System RAM). I also learned from HP's technical staff that you can clean the 95LX screen using a commercially available cleanser called Snap and a soft cloth.

As I began to carry my 95LX around, I started carrying fewer tools typical of my trade; I no longer carried my pocket diary, I stopped bringing a legal pad (keeping notes with MEMO), I even stopped carrying a pen. Next I realized that I no longer needed to carry a file with me; I could keep enough facts in a case directory to avoid lugging paper around town or the state. Pretty soon, I was not even wearing a watch. I would get on a plane with a 95LX and nothing else.

At first I didn't take advantage of the 95LX's potential for saving keystrokes. I'd take deposition notes on MEMO as I would on a legal pad, then return to the office and dictate a summary for my secretary to transcribe. Then it occurred to me that I could eliminate steps by taking deposition notes in complete sentences and paragraph structure. Now when I get back to the office, I use the connectivity pack to transfer my summary to a desktop computer and then through the office network to my secretary's terminal. Now I usually have a summary in print within minutes of returning from a deposition.

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