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HP 95LX SUPPORT: CompuServe

Accessing CompuServe Automatically With The 95LX

Larry discusses his automated MESSAGE program for sending and retrieving of CompuServe messages using the HP 95LX.

By Larry Lefkowitz

If you read the article on page 26 of the March/April 92 issue of The HP Palmtop Paper, you have learned that it is relatively simple to access CompuServe with your HP 95LX. You may have learned a couple of other lessons as well:
  1. 1. Reading and replying to forum messages and mail while connected to CompuServe can be an expensive proposition.
  2. 2. You must know and remember the necessary CompuServe commands to perform the functions you want.
  3. 3. A "convenience" factor is missing; to read or reply to a message, you must be directly connected to CompuServe over a phone line. You cannot accomplish this at times or locations that may be more convenient.



I used the HP 95LX to access CompuServe manually. However, I have used a program on my desktop to automate CompuServe, and I felt that there must be a better way for the 95LX. This led to the creation of a program called MESSAGE *.

MESSAGE is written specifically for the 95LX and lets you automatically retrieve your CompuServe forum messages and Cmail.

MESSAGE also lets you read and reply to messages while disconnected from CompuServe. This is not only much more convenient, but it greatly reduces your CompuServe connect charges.

The HP 95LX / MESSAGE combination affords an additional advantage over similar programs that run on desk-top systems; it's small enough to work on the 95LX. This lets you carry a portable messaging system in your coat pocket and conveniently communicate from anywhere in the world. MESSAGE will be of interest to you if either of the following holds true:

  • You own an HP 95LX and use CompuServe frequently, or would like to, or;
  • You travel frequently and need a simple, portable way to retrieve your CompuServe Mail



The following describes a typical on-line session with the MESSAGE program. (NOTE: To use MESSAGE with the HP 95LX, you will need a properly connected, 95LX-compatible modem. For advice on setting up a modem with the HP 95LX, see "How Do You Use DATACOMM," on page 33 of the January/February 1992 issue of The HP Palmtop Paper.)

A Typical MESSAGE Session

A Look Behind the MESSAGE Program

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