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Checking a Program's Compatibility

Checking a Program's Compatibility

The first step is to check the program's requirements. Look in the owner's manual for display and memory requirements:

Display requirements -- any program which cannot work with an MDA (Monochrome Display Adaptor) display, cannot function on the 95LX. The 95LX does display graphics, but it does so in a noncompatible mode due to its screen size. Programs requiring CGA, EGA, or VGA displays will not work on the 95LX.

Memory requirements -- a program's memory requirements tell you how much system RAM you must have available to run the program.

You can check your available memory by running CHKDSK on your 95LX from DOS {go to FILER, highlight CHKDSK and press F4 (Run)}. You can adjust the amout of system RAM you have by entering SET UP and then pressing System Memory. Press <Right Arrow> or <Left Arrow> to decrease or increase the amount of System RAM and RAM disk you have and then press <ENTER>.

Due to their size, some programs may require you to run them without System Manager (SYSMGR) being loaded. Disabling System Manager (and the built-in applications with it) saves an additional 80-85K of memory. Pressing <FILER> Menu System to enter DOS does not disable System Manager or save you any disk space. The minimum procedure for disabling System Manager is as follows:

  1. 1. Enter MEMO and create a new file named CONFIG.SYS (or modify an existing CONFIG.SYS file).
  2. 2. Put the following command as the first line in CONFIG.SYS:
shell=command /p

(be sure there is an empty space between "command" and


  1. 3. Save the file and reboot your 95LX (press <CTRL> <ALT> <DEL>). Your 95LX should come up with the DOS C prompt.
If, after this procedure, you ever need System Manager, type $sysmgr from the DOS prompt. (Setting up a method of choosing between DOS and System Manager is described in "DOS Tips" on page 22 of the Fall 1991 issue of The HP Palmtop Paper.)

Even after following this procedure, programs that require Expanded Memory or Extended Memory will not run on the 95LX. Serial port requirements -- programs that access the serial port will fail on the 95LX if they try to access COM2, or attempt to transmit or receive data using interrupts. This information is not easy to find in documentation, but a call to the program's tech support number, or the programmer, should provide the answers. Most file transfer programs do not use interrupts, while most communication programs do.

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