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Configuring a Program for the HP 95LX

Configuring a Program for the HP 95LX

Now that we have a list of the necessary files, the next task is to configure the program to run on the 95LX. It's always good to do this on a PC as many files are not needed once a program is configured. Most programs allow you to specify color, monochrome, or LCD display. Colors you choose for a PC display are opposite to those on the 95LX. Configure the program for white text on a black background, and you'll get black text on a white background on the 95LX. Select MONOCHROME and LCD if possible. Otherwise the two colors available are numbered 07 and 70. Since there are no gray scales on the 95LX, you may have to play with the color assignments quite a bit to get a useful display.

(NOTE: Some programs require you to set them up on the actual computer that they will run on. MemoryMate is one such program.)

Next, we need to find out whether the program will let us size the display. Some programs include that capability in their configuration. Other programs have the ability to split the display screen into "Windows." For example, some word processors can split the screen in half and display two documents at once. Sometimes the size of the window can be adapted to the 95LX's 40x16 display.

If a program does not have the ability to change its display size, we can still use the program by setting the 95LX's display command, DISPCTL, properly (see sidebar). By including the DISPCTL command in a batch file that launches our program, the program can be configured automatically.

The final step we need to take is to determine which, if any, environmental variables need to be set up. Environmental variables are used to control the behavior of the operating system and of some programs. These variables are typically set up using SET or PATH commands issued from the DOS prompt or included in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file. For example, PATH=C:\_SYS specifies a directory path. If you attempt to run a program or batch file from DOS, it will first look for the program in the current directory, and then in C:\_SYS, the directory you specified in the PATH command.

You can include SET or PATH commands in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file. If you do not have an AUTOEXEC.BAT on your 95LX, you would need to create one. (For information on creating an AUTOEXEC.BAT file see "Automatic Execution," page B-18 of the HP 95LX User's Guide. Also, check these references in the HP Palmtop Paper:

"DOS Tips," Fall 91, page 22; "DOS Tips," Jan/ Feb 92, page 22;

"APNAME.LST," Mar/Apr 92, pages 9-10.) After inserting the required statements at the start of your AUTOEXEC.BAT, you are ready to copy the files to your 95LX.

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