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Keyboard Can Limit Useability of a Program

Keyboard Can Limit Usability of a Program

The keyboard is one area that can be difficult to work around if problems are encountered. The 95LX has an extended keyboard, with numbers normally found on full-sized keyboard's top row located on the 95LX's keypad. Also found on the 95LX's keypad are the + - and / symbols normally found on a standard keypad.

Some programs see a minus sign (-) generated on a keypad as different from a (-) generated on the top row of numbers. In addition, Shift Arrows do not exist on the 95LX as they do on a PC. These limitations may restrict the functionality of a program, or make it unusable.

Many programs such as Grandview have the ability to reassign keys. You can configure new key assignments on your PC and then copy the keyboard files over to the 95LX. Other programs will let you set up macros for specific keys, or key in ASCII codes to enter a specific character. For example, PCOutline uses the numpad (-) to change the screen size of the outline. This means that on the 95LX there is no direct way to enter a (-) into the text. However, you can hold down <ALT> and press 45, the ASCII code for the minus sign character. (For more on creating 95LX characters using ASCII code, see page 39-40 of the Mar/Apr 1992 issue of The HP Palmtop Paper.)

Many DOS programs can create macros. If you regularly use (-) you can create a macro in the program to enter (-) and assign it to, say, a Ctrl-key combination.

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