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Compressing Files to Save Disk Space

Compressing Files to Save Disk Space

After you have gotten a program configured and tested, you can look at reducing its storage requirements through file compression. NOTE: Most programs that use a separate configuration program must NOT be compressed until after they are configured. Also, if you need to reconfigure these programs, you must decompress them first.

DIET * and PKLite * are two utilities, freeware and shareware respectively, that will compress .COM and .EXE files to reduce the storage space. When loaded the program automatically expands in memory and does not need to be recompressed.

DIET generally creates at least 10% smaller files, but executes slightly slower than PKLite. Support files for most programs may not be compressed unless the compression utility is always present in memory (like Stacker or DIET) or unless they are

decompressed manually prior to use. (For more on DIET, see page 17 of the Fall 1991 issue.)

One further bit of advice; do not be shy about contacting a program's publisher or programmer about modifying the program to allow greater compatibility on the 95LX. Most authors are trying to increase the number of machines on which their programs run and will be receptive to discussing modifications.

This is especially true of shareware authors. Frequently the modifications are trivial, but you should be as clear as possible in your request, as authors will not likely have access to a 95LX. The Palmtop libraries in CompuServe's HPSYS Forum can provide great assistance in this area.

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