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MENU95 to the Rescue

MENU95 to the Rescue

Ed Keefe volunteered his MENU95 program and worked on auto-installation. As described on page 19 of the Jan/Feb 1992 issue of The HP Palmtop Paper, MENU95 provides a menu for the DOS programs you want to run. MENU95 can be popped up without closing down PHONE, MEMO and other built-in applications (1-2-3 has to be closed). That means you can pop up MENU95 and invoke many of the games and utilities that are on the Subscribers Disk.

We pre-installed many Subscribers Disk programs into MENU95. Ed also modified MENU95 for the Subscribers Disk so that DOS programs that required file names could be run easily.

The final challenge in creating the disk was to make the documentation as understandable as possible. We rewrote the authors' documentation where we felt it necessary.

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