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What's on the Disk

What's on the Disk

As of this writing, we have not finalized the disk. In general we divided the contents into five categories; general utilities, games, templates, TopCard files, and technical utilities.

First, we selected utilities that we thought all users would gain from. In particular, we have selected programs that test 95LX and RAM card batteries, that compress files to save space, that replace missing DOS utilities, and much more. One of the highlights of the disk is a week-at-a-glance System-Manager compliant appointment viewer which contributing editor Mark Scardina describes at the end of this article.

We have games of logic and action. Highlights include Tetris and a Las Vegas style blackjack game where you can practice counting cards.

There are several Lotus templates included on the disk. Ed Keefe includes a great example of a PHONE data base that provides help to HP Solve users.

If you're bored with your name and address sign on, you could have Albert Einstein or a Windows Opening screen if you'd like.

Finally, for the more technically inclined, we include a program that lists key codes for the 95LX -- necessary for installing System Compliant .EXM files, a programmer's calculator and more. All in all, we hope you will be able to make use of the software that is available on the free 1992 Subscribers Disk. (Note: as of this writing the disk is not yet finalized, we may substitute for any of the programs mentioned above.)

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