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The term refers to computer products that are promised and even advertised, but never seem to materialize.

We have not heard anything from the publishers of Managing Your Money. When the 95LX was first introduced, we expected a version that would work with the 95LX. In a way, these kinds of promises are unfair to other companies that have products ready to ship. For example: Autobyte's Money Manager has been well-received by users (I have not had the opportunity yet to try the program). Similarly, CM Software has had a straightforward System-Manager compliant Contact Manager program called Pocket Sales Force that was introduced shortly after the 95LX was, and is System-Manager compliant. ACT!, its well-publicized competition, only recently started shipping. ACT! is not System-Manager compliant.

On the other hand, popular programs such as ACT! and Managing Your Money are well established and may be worth the wait. People are used to these programs on their desktop PC and transferring data should be a snap.

Speaking of Vaporware, we were sorry to learn that Nuvotech recently went out of business. Nuvotech had been advertising (but not yet shipping) an Apple Connectivity Pack. We reviewed Nuvotech's DOS Connectivity Pack last issue and liked it. Apple users should check out the review of MacLink Plus PC, by DataVis (page 17 of the Mar/Apr 1992 issue of The HP Palmtop Paper).

After our review appeared last issue, DataViz made some modifications to their best selling MacLink Plus software to even better suit HP 95LX users . . . and they have reduced the price of their HP 95LX version to $99. They now include the 95LX to Mac serial cable (along with a Mac to IBM PC serial cable).

MacLink Plus automates conversions for 95LX Lotus 1-2-3 WK1 and MEMO TXT files to and from a number of Macintosh formats including MacWrite, MS Works, MS Word, WordPerfect, and Excel. If you print your PHONE or APPT books to a .TXT file with the Menu Print File command, you can read those files into a number of MAC programs. Once connected, your 95LX appears as if it were another MAC drive and with a few clicks, you can back up, transfer, and translate files.

HP 95LX wireless communications and the Motorola NewsStream receiver in particular (first reviewed on page 4 of the Fall 1991 issue of The HP Palmtop Paper) is another example of a delayed product. A lot of the problem has to do with putting together the wireless networks to allow the service. Our understanding is that HP 95LX users will be able to purchase the NewsStream receiver along with the paging service through selected HP dealers and through such providers such as SkyTel (800-456-3333) and EMBARK (800-362-2724). We will print more specific information as we receive it.

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