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Creating an APPT To-Do List

Creating an APPT To-Do List

Let's start out by creating a task. Turn on the HP 95LX and press <APPT>. The last appointment file you used will automatically be loaded. Press F10 (TODO) to move to the To-do list. Press F8 (Insert) to enter an item. For this example, let's call this task, "Load programs onto 2MB card". After typing in the task, press F10 (Done) again to save the information and list the item along with the rest of your to-do items.

Say you want to list the programs you need to install. Press F6 (Note). This will create a note (maximum of one screen) that is attached to the to-do item presently highlighted. Type in the names of the programs you need to install. If you run out of space, you can list the rest of the programs in a MEMO file and note the location and name of the MEMO file at the end of the to-do note. So, for example, the message "List of programs in file: C:\_DAT\SWLIST.TXT" indicates that the rest of the note is found in the _DAT directory, in a file named SWLIST.TXT. When you need to refer to that list of programs, you could press <MEMO> and then retrieve SWLIST.TXT. You could set up a User Defined Function Key to automatically take you to MEMO, or even to SWLIST.TXT. (Make sure you save MEMO or APPT files before close those applications, or you'll lose changes you made to them.)

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