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Setting Alarms: Task Reminder Option

Setting Alarms: Task Reminder Option

A day planner never reminds you about an important meeting. The 95LX will! Say you need to complete this task before 4 p.m. (because your automatic tape backup starts at 5 p.m.). Go back to the To-do list menu, cursor to the item we entered and press F2. This copies the to-do item and any note attached to the clipboard. Press F10 to go back to the Daily menu. Next, cursor to 3:00 p.m. and press F4. This will paste the copied to-do item from the clipboard to the appointment book, creating a scheduled appointment at 3:00 p.m. Press <ENTER> if you want to change appointment details.

One detail you can change is to set an alarm for the appointment. Cursor down 4 times so that "Alarm: disable" is selected. Press <Space Bar> to "enable" the alarm.

Leave the Leadtime set to 05 (alarm will ring 5 minutes before the appointment; this can be adjusted from 0 to 30 minutes). Press F10 (Done) to save your changes. Make sure that you have alarms enabled under the Settings menu. Otherwise, the alarm will go off, but you won't hear it. (From APPT press <MENU> Settings Alarm Enable to make sure the alarms are enabled. If the alarm is going off, but hard to hear, enter SET UP and press System Volume and then press <Right Arrow> a couple of times to adjust the volume to High. Many users say they can't here the beeps any other way.)

The alarm should now sound and blink at 2:55 p.m. to remind you to complete your task. When you have finished your task, make sure to mark it as done by cursoring to the task in the To-do list and pressing <Space Bar>. If you don't, APPT will automatically move it to the next day, same time, and the alarm will go off again. You could also press F3 (while in TODO) to Cut the item from the To-do list, but have it remain on the main Day view of APPT. This eliminates the duplication, but leaves it as a reminder of what you accomplished.

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