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1-2-3 and the 95LX

1-2-3 and the 95LX

Don't you just hate those dumb 1-2-3 worksheets that can't be removed from the root directory of the C drive. Perhaps we shouldn't let them upset us. All they are doing is filling up some ROM that could not otherwise be used. I'm sure that most any of us could have found a better way to use the ROM, but we were not selected for the design team.

By the way, I just read about the 1MB 95LX. How about letting me be on the design team for the 2MB 95LX. Let me have one megabyte of that ROM to install personal applications and owner identification. I'd like to be able to send HP a disk of custom data and choose from a list of popularly available applications. I'd gladly sacrifice MEMO and COMM. These are the two weakest programs on the blue keys and really do need to be replaced.

I'm sorry, but I just had to "chase that rabbit." Now we better get back to business.

This is not an easy column, but if you will work through it with me I think you will learn something about 1-2-3. The best way to learn to build spreadsheets is to examine an expert's spreadsheet.

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