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Expense Report

Expense Report

[Editors Note: _EXPENSE.WK1 * is one of four Lotus worksheets that come with the English language versions of the HP 95LX. International versions of the 95LX do not have enough ROM memory space to include all of these worksheets. We will include these four worksheets on the next HP Palmtop Paper ON DISK, for international users who may desire to use them. Those without _EXPENSE.WK will still be able to follow this column -- Rich.]

_EXPENSE.WK1 is not a bad generic expense report form. It's probably not anything like the form your company uses, but let's load it and see what we can learn. Before you get too far along, get your 95LX User's Guide out. You may need it to interpret code you find in this spreadsheet.

When the spreadsheet loads, it displays a short set of instructions indicating the spreadsheet has two macros: <ALT>-P for printing and a <ALT>-A which the instructions tell you to execute to begin. Press <ALT>-A and you'll find yourself in an area of the spreadsheet for inputting personal data. Enter sample data and press <ENTER>. Press <Down Arrow> to get to the other information fields and enter some sample information.) After you finish entering personal data, press <ENTER> again and the macro takes you to an area of the spreadsheet where you provide information about the expenses. After this data is entered, press <ENTER> and you will get instructions on how to enter expense items. Press <ENTER> and the cell pointer moves into the date column, to the first expense item line.

On The HP Palmtop Paper on Disk:

STDNHP.ZIP, HPNEKO.ZIP, DIALTO.ZIP, and _EXPENSE.WK1 on the May/Jun 92 issue; SMCLOCK.ZIP on the Mar/Apr 92 issue; AG.ZIP & HPTRIX.ZIP on the Jan/Feb 92 issue.

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