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Ways of Finding the Info You're Looking for in PHONE

Ways of Finding the Info You're Looking for in PHONE

You have to be able to get at information for it to be useful. Let's look more closely at how you can use Phone Book's ONLY, GOTO, and FIND functions to locate information in our new Phone Book database.

ONLY (Press F6) -- One way to locate information is to create a subset of the database using Phone Book's ONLY function. Let's use the Cubs database for an example.

 Suppose you now live in Chicago, but originally came from San Diego, California. You might want to see all the home games the Cubs have with the San Diego Padres. Use the ONLY function to create a list of these games. Press F6, type in H Padres and then press <ENTER>. You'll get a list like this:

PHONE ONLY Search List

 As another example, you could search for all games that begin between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. (press F5 <Space Bar> 6.)

ONLY Search List Graphics

 GOTO (Press F5) -- This function lets you alphabetically search Item, Phone Book's first category (in our example, the Date/Time category). When you're in the Index screen (the first screen in Phone Book where your data is displayed in the rows), you can search the first column of data with this procedure:

Press F5 and then type the letter(s) of the item you're looking for. Let's say we want a list of all Cubs games in May. Our database is set up with the month listed first. We press F5, type in 05, and press <ENTER>. The GOTO command takes us to the first Item (Date/Time) starting with "05." There are a number of games in May. We can continue typing in the date (e.g. 05/20) and the search will zero in on and highlight the exact match.

GOTO Search Screen Graphic

 You really don't have to press F5 to activate GOTO. From the Index screen start typing in the item you're looking for and PHONE automatically enters the GOTO mode.

GOTO Search Screen Graphic

 FIND (Press F7) -- This function is much more flexible than GOTO, and is not restricted to any field or item listing. You can use FIND at any time in your Phone Book database; and that includes while working in the Card view. Here's how it works:

Press F7 to activate the FIND (or search) function. Then type in the numbers, letters, word or phrase you want to find. Let's say we want to find the first home game where the Cubs are going to play the Padres. We press F7, type in H Padres below the FIND prompt at the top of the screen, and press <ENTER>. FIND takes us to the first H Padres entry in the database: 06/01 7:05 H Padres.

FIND Search Screen Graphic

 If we want to continue searching for more Cubs, Padres home games we can press F7 again. H Padres is still visible below the FIND prompt (FIND remembers the last search). The menu at the bottom of the screen prompts us to look for a PREVious "H Padres" entry (press F5) or the NEXT "H Padres" entry (press F7). We want to continue searching forward, so we press F7 again and the highlight bar now rests on 06/02 1:20 H Padres.

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