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Other Advantages

You can keep as many free-form databases as you want. The only limitation you have is disk space. I'm a writer and I keep a running list of article ideas along with words and phrases I plan to use in them. This technique is helpful for writing advertisements because it lets me jot down headlines, angles, and hooks. I'm also a consultant, and use another database to track expenses, time and billing data.

There is almost no limitation on the type of information you can organize with a Phone Book database: Someone who works in sales could set up a sales/invoice database; a homemaker could keep recipe files, school records (and grades) for your children, home inventories, shopping lists, etc.; a physician could keep case/billing information.

Keep in mind that Phone Book's Print feature allows you to print out the entire Index list of your database, or the data on the individual cards. If you use the ONLY function described above, you can create a smaller subset of your database, and print that out also. A number of vendors market connectivity packages for the HP 95LX (see Mar/April issue, page 11). These packages allow you to connect your 95LX to a desktop PC. Many of these packages come with software that lets you merge and translate Phone Book files. With this ability, you could be on the road, making changes to your Phone Book database, and have someone back at the office entering information in the database on your desktop PC. The translate features allow you to convert any of your Phone Book databases into data formats for programs like Metro, SideKick, and a variety of other database formats. Upon returning, you could translate and merge the two databases, keeping both up to date.

[Bil. Alvernaz, who has worked with palmtop computers for over two years, feels the HP 95LX has become the preferred choice because it continues to set the standard for palmtop computers. For the past decade Bil. has written about computers for USA TODAY, PC Magazine, United Feature Syndicate, and other publications. Bil. specializes in desktop publishing, as well as writing, media relations, and helping people get the most out of using computers. You can reach him at (209) 394- 8188, MCI MAIL #207-8825, or FAX: 209.394.8918.]

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