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COLUMN: Getting Started

Getting Started: DOS and System Manager

The HP 95LX has two layers of its operating system which manage files; MS-DOS and System Manager. What is an operating system, and what is a file?

By Hal Goldstein

As modern man probes deeper into the realities of creation, we gain more power, and a greater ability to manipulate our reality and achieve our goals. The deeper our level of understanding the way the universe operates, the more potential power we have. In the same way, the more we understand the hardware and software underlying our everyday use of the HP 95LX, the more we can use the Palmtop to organize our own life, and accomplish our goals.

It's true that we don't need to understand all the physics and computer science involved at the various layers of our HP 95LX. However, understanding more about what is happening when we press those little blue application keys will significantly increase the usability of our 95LX Palmtop.

Getting Started in this issue and the next will talk about the System Manager and DOS. We will dwell on the concepts of Files and Directories. A clear understanding of these concepts will give you much more control and power over your HP 95LX environment.


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