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Understanding directories and sub-directories is also important for HP 95LX users. In the next issue we will go into some detail about them. For now, understand that directories and subdirectories are locations on the disk where files can be stored. For example, built into every 95LX is the directory named _DAT. Enter FILER and look below the C:\ at the top of the file screen and you'll see a line that looks something like this:

_DAT <DIR> 04-01-91 12:00a.

The <DIR> indicates that _DAT is a directory, not a file. The date and time indicates when the directory was created.

Because _DAT exists, it's possible to save files to two places: To either C:\ (the C Main Directory, also called the "Root Directory" of your C drive) or to _DAT (the _DAT subdirectory on your C drive root directory). When you save PHONE, APPT, MEMO and HP CALC equation files, they automatically get saved to the _DAT (data) Directory.

To understand directories better, think of the C Drive as a file cabinet. You store a lot of individual files in your cabinet. In addition, you can create one large, fat file (your _DAT directory) in which you place a lot of little subfiles. You can put new files into either the Main File Cabinet or into the thick _DAT file. We'll go into more detail on this next time.

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