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Publisher's Message

It's been three and a half years since the HP100LX was introduced - a long time in the high-tech industry. (The HP 200LX, introduced a year later, is essentially an HP 100LX with several nice additions). We finally have a hint of the future read about HP's next Palmtop PC due in the middle of 1997 in my lead story.

When HP introduced the HP 100LX, it promoted the Palmtop as a cc:MAIL machine. However, until recently most users have felt cc:MAIL was a waste of ROM space. In fact this issue marks the first in-depth articles we've ever run on cc:MAIL. Read these articles and discover why there is new enthusiasm for this built-in HP 100/200LX application.

I've always felt a key market for the HP Palmtop would be education. Students and teachers are always on the move with varied schedules and commitments. The Palmtop's super-portability and its calculation and note-taking capabilities make it an ideal campus companion. Read how a high school student and teacher (15 and 74 years-old) use the Palmtop.

The Palmtop is an ideal tool to track and store information. You'll read that users aren't limited to the built-in database program for such tasks. In this issue you'll discover project management tools, personal journal capabilities, and relational database potential.

It's hard to believe that this issue marks the completion of the fifth year of The HP Palmtop Paper. In the up coming years we will continue The HP Palmtop Paper's focus on the HP 95/100/200LX palmtop engine. We will start a new publication on Windows CE-based Palmtops mid-1997.

The HP Palmtop Paper continues to chronicle the "golden era" of HP 100LX/200LX usefulness. The HP announcement in this issue of a complete wireless solution, the WWW/LX web browsing product, and scores of new freeware and shareware products appearing each month exemplify the health of this platform. In the next issue I will finally be able to fulfill a promise I made at the end of 1994 and again last issue, which is to describe in depth some of the incredible advances from Japan. (The article is really coming I have seen the first draft created by a number of users and developers from Japan.)

Also, next issue, in an attempt to clarify whether you will want to stay with the HP 200LX or purchase the new HP Palmtop, we will publish an interview with Kheng Joo Khaw , the General Manager of the HP Handheld Division. In it we will try to gauge HP's commitment towards the HP 200LX and find out who are the best candidates for the new machine.

Finally, our www.palmtoppaper.com web site is up. We posted this issue's lead article on Windows CE and the new HP Palmtop on November 18, the day HP made its announcement. Khaw's interview will be posted early, 1997. There will be weekly tips and a "knowledge store" which details our Palmtop Knowledge Products. Your feedback, pro and con, is welcome.

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