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HP Provides 100/200LX Palmtop Users with a Complete Two-Way Wireless E

HP Provides 100/200LX Palmtop Users with a Complete Two-Way Wireless E-mail Solutions

By Rich Hall

As recent issues of The HP Palmtop Paper have shown, wireless communications is a hot topic. Many mobile professionals chose the Palmtop for its communications as well as organizational capabilities. But until recently, using the Palmtop to communicate with the outside world usually meant physically connecting it to another computer, or through a modem to a phone line. The Palmtop's biggest strength is its portability, and the need for a physical link seemed to go against its very nature.

HP and third party vendors understood the Palmtop's potential early on. The first issue of The HP Palmtop Paper (Fall 1991) reviewed Motorola's NewsStream Receiver, a wireless receiver that connected to the original HP 95LX via a docking cradle. Two years ago HP introduced its HP StarLink service, which included a PC Card wireless receiver.

Finally, earlier this year, two new wireless messaging cards were introduced: The Motorola Tango Pager and the US Robotics/Megahertz AllPoints Wireless PC Card. These cards differ from earlier wireless solutions in that they are two-way cards, allowing users to send and receive messages without a physical connection. (Users must also have the appropriate software and subscribe to a compatible wireless messaging service. Both of these two-way wireless messaging cards are reviewed in the July/August 1996 issue and discussed in the 1996 PC Card Review.)

HP's Integrated Wireless Solutions

What HP has done is to combine the necessary wireless cards, software, and messaging services into integrated, easy-to-use packages. The packages provide Palmtop users with easy-to-use setup and messaging software, wireless modem card rental, and a wireless network service provider, all in one package.


This wireless Internet mail solution features e-mail software from Wynd Communications, US Robotics AllPoints Wireless PC card and RAM Mobile Data's wireless network service. The service provides wireless e-mail, fax, paging, text-to-speech messaging and the ability to interact with Internet-based information services.

The retail wireless Internet mail solution is expected to be available November 4, through Wynd Communications, phone: 800-549-2600. It will cost $59.95 per month, which will include the messaging service, software, and rental of the AllPoints card. The package will also be available through Office Max, Office Depot, Computer City, CompUSA and PC Warehouse in major metropolitan areas of the United States.


ARDIS, Motorola and RadioMail have teamed up with HP's value-added resellers to provide the reseller version of the wireless Internet mail solution. This wireless Internet mail solution includes RadioMail's Internet mail software, ARDIS' wireless network and rental of a wireless modem by Motorola for the HP 200LX Palmtop PC. The solution provides Internet mail, fax, paging, Web page access, stock quotes and online news. The reseller version is being offered to HP's participating value-added resellers nationwide, including Merisel, Ingram and Gates Arrow.

Merisel can be reached at 800-637-4735. Ingram can be reached at 800-456-8000. Gates Arrow can be reached at 800-332-2222. Contact HP directly at 800-443-1254 to locate the HP VAR reseller nearest you. Information about HP's handheld products can be found on the World Wide Web at http://www.hp.com/handheld. Details on Wynd Communications service may be found on http://wynd.com/nowires.

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