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HP Palmtop E-Mail Mailing List

The HP Palmtop Mailing List began operating September 12, 1996. This list is dedicated to discussing all aspects of the HP Palmtop. There are already over 250 members from all over the world trading tips and exchanging programs.

The list is available in two versions:

Interactive - Each e-mail sent to the list is immediately resent to all list members. This is a better option if you want to participate in the discussions, but your e-mail box can fill quickly. To subscribe, send an e-mail to: majordomo@palmtop.net. In the message body enter: subscribe hplx.

Digest - Each e-mail sent to the list is collected and stored until the "digest" reaches a certain size or age. The digests are then sent out as single e-mail messages on the average of once daily. To subscribe, send an email to: majordomo@lakecumberland.com. In the message body enter: subscribe hplx-digest

The list's homepage can be found at: http://www.palmtop.net. The homepage has web-based list controls and a complete set of searchable archives for past postings.

America Online Offers New Price Structure and Palmtop Search Tool

Starting December 1, America Online will offer a standard, flat rate, monthly plan of unlimited use of AOL and the Internet for $19.95. The service will also offer a "bring-your-own-access" rate of $9.95 for those who already have an Internet connection. A light usage rate is available as well. Full details are available on AOL's PDA Forum "News Updates" or by contacting the company at 800-827-6364 or 703-893-6288.

Searching AOL from the Palmtop -- AOL's PDA Forum staff (Craig deFasselle, Jeff Zorn, and Larry Finch) has adapted an AOL-to-DOS interface specifically for the HP Palmtop.

AOL for the HP will run on a 2MB or more 100/200LX from the C: drive, from a combination modem/memory card, or from a memory card with an external pocket modem. It provides access to e-mail, chats, and many (but not all) AOL forums.

There are two versions of the interface, both of which are available from the PDA Forum Quick Tips Center, HP button. For version 1.6 = of the AOL for the Palmtop (MS-DOS "client") open tip 002 to read the instructions and download the program. For version 1.0, go to tip 042. Tip 071 has a chart of keyboard shortcut keys.

Communication Details: Version 1.0 supports only 2400 bps communications, but is otherwise fully functional. Version 1.6 supports speeds up to 9600 bps on Sprintnet (but not AOLNET), but the screens were designed for VGA display and sometimes the bottoms of them get cut off when running on the HP. This is a visual problem only, as the screens are still fully functional. With a little bit of experimentation it is possible to learn to navigate using the HP keyboard.

Museum Web Site

The Museum of HP Calculators Web site has classified ads and HP related information including pictures (GIF) files.

Location: http://www.teleport ..com/~dgh/ads.htm

Grabber Program Captures Palmtop Screens for Use in Web Pages (Or Printed Pages)

Grabber (GRABBR.ZIP) is a shareware utility for transforming Palmtop screens into graphic files that can be displayed on printed or electronic pages. Some Web Site builders are using Grabber to create screen demos on their Palmtop-related Web pages.

Location: http://w3.one.net/ ~hamm /Palmtop.html

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The Palmtop Network with its S.U.P.E.R. (Simply Unbeatable Palmtop Essentials Repository) software is now available under the domain name of hp200lx.net.  

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