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Naming and ordering the applications in AppManager

When you add an application to AppManager, you are given the opportunity to enter any name you want in the Name field. I like to keep the name short (seven characters or less) so it only takes up one line below the icon. You can use punctuation in the name, but it will break the line (i.e., cause the characters after the punctuation to appear on the second line.

Screens showing the Black Jack game installed in AppManager. First with the name Black Jack,

next with BJ

and finally with B.J.

Precede a letter in the name with the & symbol and that letter becomes the hotkey to start the application once you're in AppManager. If a previous application has the same hotkey, it will start when you press the key.

You can change the order of any application in AppManager by highlighting it, pressing (F7) and using the arrow keys to move the application to the desired place. I move my most commonly used applications to the top of the screen.

You can change the order of the built-in applications. You cannot change their names.

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