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Find the distance between two locations in WorldTime

Here is a way to find the distance between two locations in the WorldTime database. This method uses the built-in System Macros and also the built-in Solver from HP Calc.

  1. 1. The first step is to write our Solver equation. Open HP Calc and press (MENU) Applications Solver. In Solver, press (ESC) until you reach the Solve Catalog screen. Press (F2) Insert then (F6) Edit and type in the following equation with no spaces or hard returns:
Dist=69.0466*ACOS(SIN (lat1)*SIN(lat2)+COS(lat1)


System Macros Edit screen showing "City 1" in Description field and the actual macro in the Contents field.

  1. When you are done entering this, press (F10) OK and press (ENTER) to select this solver equation.
  2. 2. The next step is to write the two System Macro's that you will use to clip information from the WorldTime database and paste into the Solver equation. You could try to use the System Macro's record feature if you like, however you may find it easier to simply type these macros in.
  3. Start the System Macros by pressing (CTRL) (&...). I have assigned these macros to Fn+F1 and Fn+F2, and these hot keys will be used through out this example, however you can place them anywhere you would like. To enter the First or City 1 macro, press (F2) Edit, type in City 1 and press (ENTER), now type in the following macro with no spaces:


{Copy}{F9}n{Calc}{Paste} {F5}{WorldTime}

  1. When you are done, press (F10) Done. Press the Down Arrow to go to the Fn+F2 macro slot. Press (F2) Edit, type City 2, and press (ENTER). Then type in the following macro, again with no spaces:





  1. 3. To use the system, go to HP Calc's Solver and open the equation. Then go to WorldTime, go to the first city of the two and run the "City1" macro by pressing (Fn) (F1) at the same time. It will leave you back in the WorldTime application. Now go to the second city, and run the "City 2" macro by pressing (Fn) (F2). You will be left in the HPCalc Solver application and the distance between the two cities will be displayed.

After running the macros you are left in the HPCalc Solver application and the distance between the two cities is displayed on the bottom line.

Brian Town

Hewlett-Packard, Spokane Div.

E-mail: town@spk.hp.com

[Macro and Solver file described in this tip found in WTDIST.ZIP]

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