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Won't switch to Windows CE Palmtop
Won't switch to Windows CE Palmtop

I am a UK subscriber to your very useful publication, and I was more than interested to see details of the new CE-based machine. Sadly, I shall not be buying one. This is only partly because I don't like Windows.

The real reason is that it won't go in my pocket. I can live with an extra 28mm or so on length and could tolerate a millimeter or two in additional thickness, but 17mm wider is too much for me. I have two 200LXs, and would presumably have changed to two CE machines, assuming these had some sort of DOS capability, which they don't. Slipping two larger handhelds into my pocket is too much. So it looks like I'll keep my 200LXs until further notice. Jeff Cragg Plymouth, UK

Darn! Just about the time I get a new computer wrestled to the ground, they go and make it obsolete! It took me ten months to get my two 200LXs figured out and made useful, and now comes this new CE thing with no upgrade path for all of my DOS programs and databases.

Don't laugh! DOS might be old and creaky, but it sure isn't the memory hog that Windows is. I shudder to think of translating all of my databases, etc., into the latest Windows-based applications. I don't have a data-processing department to do that stuff; I am the DP department! For Gosh sake, Hewlett Packard, at least give us a DOS window!

I've always been afraid that if Hewlett Packard actually found out how useful the Palmtops really are, they would either double its price, or discontinue it. I guess it's the latter, isn't it?

David T. Dixon Indianapolis, IN

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