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HP Introduces 4 Mb 200LX

HP Introduces 4 Mb 200LX

HP introduces a new HP 200LX with 4Mb of internal memory, lowers price on the HP 200LX 2 Mb Palmtop PC, and bundles version of Puma's IntelliSync Connectivity Software for Windows with 4Mb unit.
By Hal Goldstein
On February 3, 1997 HP officially launched the 4 Megabyte HP 200LX worldwide. Versions will be available in all languages that the 200LX is available in previously. U.S. list pricing is $599 for the 4 Mb unit and $499 for the 2 Mb unit.

The extra memory on the 4 Mb Palmtop can be used to store more data and add more software. The extra memory will allow PC card wireless and fax/modem users to run communications software and have sufficient space to download messages.

IntelliSync bundled in U.S. 4 Mb Palmtops

In addition to increased memory, in the U.S. the HP 200LX 4 Mb Palmtop PC will come bundled with a connectivity cable and a 30-day trial version of Puma's IntelliSync connectivity software. Using IntelliSync, users can share and synchronize information between their Palmtop and Windows-based programs. This includes contact information and appointments, database files, address books, to-dos, and notes.

The software comes with the HP serial cable and is designed for Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Windows NT-based systems. For more information on the Puma IntelliSync product see the article that follows. Windows transfer utility included in bundle in U.S.

HP is also including TRANSFILE WIN 200 with the 4 Mb Palmtop. This utility operates on PCs running Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95 and NT 4.0. It provides drag and drop transfer of files from your 200LX to your PC. Connect the Palmtop to the desktop with an HP serial cable, start Filer on the 200LX, start Transfile WIN 200 on the desktop and you can back up your entire 200LX with a click of your mouse. HP is offering this utility on HP's World Wide Web site, (www.hp .com/go/freebackup) free of charge to all 200LX users.

2 MB 1000CX now available

HP also announced that a new 2 Mb HP 1000CX replaces the 1 Mb 1000CX. (An HP 1000CX is a HP 200LX minus built-in Personal Information Management software. It functions like an XT 80186 DOS machine and is used mostly for companies needing a handheld PC running a specific DOS application.) List price for the 2 Mb 1000CX is $449. HP 1000CX's are built on demand, so when ordered in quantity customers can expect to wait a month or so.

Connectivity Pack still available

The current HP DOS Connectivity Pack will continue to be available for $119.95 and include DOS versions of the built-in software, serial cable, and serial 3 adapters for printer, modem, and 25-pin PC connection.

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