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HP 200LX Line

HP 200LX Line

Q: Even though HP has announced a forthcoming Windows CE machine, it also seems to be promoting the HP 200LX line. Can you give us any details or insights into these new HP Palmtop initiatives, such as wireless solutions and price reductions.

A: The HP 200LX is the market leader today and will remain a significant player in the Palmtop PC market for the foreseeable future. With the maturity of the HP 200LX, we are able to offer some advanced features that are just getting started on Windows CE and at the same time pass on cost reductions that have come about over time as we have developed our leadership position. For customers who need the benefits of the HP 200LX, we have simply made it a better value product. We want to make it clear that the product remains a key part of the HP product line.

Q: Won't the Palmtop and Windows CE lines compete with each other?

A: Windows CE-based Palmtop PCs work very well as companions to Windows 95 PCs. They do not connect to PCs with Windows 3.1 or MS-DOS. On the other hand, the 200LX Palmtop works with Windows 3.1 and MS-DOS. HP is the only Company that can address the range of operating systems running on PCs today.

Q: How does the GEOS operating system and the HP OmniGo organizers fit into the picture.

A: The HP OmniGo 100 and 120 are very different products that address a different market need. As organizers, they are a convenient way to work with information on a stand-alone basis at a very attractive price.

Q. I understand that DOS is an old operating system. However, HP 200LX users really appreciate the wealth of good software available ready to run on the 200LX. How come DOS was not included in the specifications for Windows CE? A: The key reason for Windows CE is to present an interface similar to the standards existing on desktop PCs today and in the future. Palmtop PC software has to be designed with efficiency in mind for the small size. Including additional software to support MS-DOS would not address either of these key requirements. For people who prefer to work with the MS-DOS operating system on a handheld, HP will continue to produce and support the HP 200LX platform.

Q: How long will HP continue to sell and support the HP 200LX?

A: As long as people want to buy them. Right now, we are not planning to discontinue the HP 200LX.

Q: Can we expect to see the HP OmniGo 700LX communicator in the U.S. any time soon?

A: The HP OmniGo 700LX is a very advanced communication product that can be used only with digital cellular systems. Unfortunately the U.S. is behind Europe and the Asia Pacific region in the implementation of digital cellular. Until this changes, the HP OmniGo 700LX will not be available in the U.S.

Q: Will there be a HP 700LX-type machine (digital cellular phone integrated with Palmtop) based on Windows CE.

A: We are considering a specific product at this point and are not able to discuss other products that may, or may not, be in development.

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