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The Future of Handhelds in the Market Place

The Future of Handhelds in the Market Place

Q: I understand that HP wants the Windows CE to become the standard operating system for handheld computers. Why?

A: Standards are required for broad market acceptance of any technology. Without standards, people are nervous about making an investment in development or learning a system. With standards, you can count on your development and learning efforts paying off over a long period of time. The partnership between HP, with its leadership position in Palmtop PCs, and Microsoft, with its leadership position in operating systems and applications, is a natural one for promoting standards to help the entire industry grow.

Q: How committed is HP to handheld computing devices?

A: The virtual office is an essential part of our future. As people become more mobile, convenient computing devices become more important. Handheld computing is a strategic area for HP, and we intend to continue being a leader in delivering innovations that make it easier to compute on the go.

Q: The whole category of handheld computers and PDAs has been slow in winning widespread recognition and acceptance in the marketplace. Why do you think this has happened?

A: Contrary to popular perceptions, handheld computing is a significant business today. The public perception has been set by some well publicized failures. Within HP, we are a division devoted solely to handheld computing. Now that standards are being established across a broad range of players, the market will see even faster growth.

Q: What will need to change so that not just visionaries, but mainstream users will adopt the Palmtop PC?

A: We have been getting our direction from visionaries for years now. We also receive a great deal of input from mainstream users. Users like Coca-Cola's delivery personnel in Brazil, insurance sellers in many countries, and even the people who run the Dutch railway system. While in many cases a visionary was involved in initiating projects like these, the users are mainstream people. Now that standards are coming to the market it will be even easier for mainstream users to take advantage of the technology without needing visionaries to lead the way. Visionaries will still have the leadership roles in how far Palmtop PCs get stretched to their full potential, such as with wireless communications.

Q: It's been five years since the HP 95LX was introduced. Can you describe your vision of handheld computing five years from now?

A: Palmtop PCs will gain more capabilities of the desktop PC. The HP 95LX was a dramatic breakthrough, but when it ran DOS, at that time, the world was already moving toward Windows. Now, we are delivering Windows CE only about one year after Windows 95 came to the market. In addition, Windows CE is actually a multi-threaded operating system, as is the present Windows NT. Use your imagination about what is built into the typical PC today and you can envision what may be possible in the Palmtop PC of five years from now.

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