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About the authors

NORI has been the Sysop of the FHPPC forum of NIFTY-Serve since September 1994. As of November 12, 1996, this forum has 63,000 members. He started to create the Japanese environment for the HP 95LX with Kaduhi. You can find his program, Flyicon, in the data library of the HPHAND forum, CompuServe. He lives in Musashino City in the western suburb of Tokyo, with his wife and two children. Elisa font, the freeware Japanese font collectively created for the HP 95LX and now ported to other PDAs, borrowed its name from his three-year-old daughter, Elisa. NORI's e-mail address is: SDI00784@niftyserve.or.jp.

MARIS works for a construction industry consultation company and is engaged in the management of personal computers and CAD . He spends most of his free time in hobby electronics, skiing, motorcycle touring, and origami. Known as Doctor,' he always carries a soldering iron and a Palmtop double-speed crystal to off-line meetings, ready for emergency operations. MARIS lives in Musashino City in the western suburb of Tokyo. He can be reached by e-mail at CXN00506@ niftyserve.or.jp.

Hiroyuki Sekiya is a freelance technical writer in the field of portable computers and PDAs. Hiro has so far published three books on the HP 100/200LX and is now working on a fourth. He is also a professional programmer for device drivers and other system-related software. He is the author of EMM200, MoreEXM and many other freeware programs for HP 100/200LX. Hiro can be reached by e-mail at JBD00432@niftyserve.or.jp.

Makoto Niwa works for a construction company and is engaged in system development for the utilization of GPS. He is interested in connecting GPS and other various peripherals to the HP 100/200LX. Makoto is an assistant Sysop of the FGPS forum in NIFTY-Serve. He lives in Tokyo and his e-mail address is: DNC01095@ niftyserve.or.jp.

Toshiki Sasabe works for Digital Equipment Corporation and is engaged in the technical support for procurement of printed circuit boards from external suppliers. Toshiki's current interest is in translating the documents of Japanese Palmtop programs into English and making them available to the international community. Toshiki lives in Musashino City, a western suburb of Tokyo, with his wife and a son. His CompuServe ID is 73560,524.

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