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Contact Information for products mentioned in this article
Contact Information for products mentioned in this article

NOTE: Some of these products are second source. This means that the products are not identical with those originally developed in Japan.

Clock-up kit (Crystal clock upgrade kit). Developed by SHS and marketed in Japan by PS/Plaza Wakamatsu, Tokyo, Japan; Phone: +81-3-3251-8933; Fax: +81-3-3258-7445. (Wakamatsu also offers a installation service and sells the HP 200LX with preinstalled double-speed crystal).

U.S. Contact: Times2 Tech, 105 Maple Street, Maylene, AL 35114, USA.; Phone: 205-620-1408; Fax: 205-620-1408; E-mail: mack@traveller.com or CompuServe ID: [103617,3560]; Web: http://www.bhm.tis.net /~mack

European Contact: Rundel Datentechnik, Rappenstr. 20, 73033 Goeppingen, GERMANY; Phone: +49-7161-14707; Fax: +49-172-7326211; E-mail: CompuServe ID: [100023,2477].

4 Mb add-on RAM board From FTL (Future Technology Laboratories) marketed in Japan by PS/Plaza Wakamatsu (see above for contact information). Wakamatsu also offers the installation service and sells the HP 200LX with pre-installed 4Mb RAM board.

U.S. Contact: ACE Technologies, Inc., 592 Weddell Dr. Suite 6, Sunnyvale, CA 94089, USA; Phone: 800-825-9977 or 408-734-0100; Fax: 408-734-3344. or Notebook Supply Warehouse, 13700 Alton Pkwy., #154-281, Irvine, CA 92718, USA.; Phone orders: 800-566-6832; Questions and international orders: 714-753-8810; Fax: 714-753-8812. or Times2 Tech (see above reference).

European Contact: See Rundel Datentechnik reference above.

Card Light for the HP 200LX, From Device Net Co. TEL:+81-6-946-7430, http://www.tarze.or.jp, Yen 4980, Marketed by I-Two Mobile Senka (Akihabara Shop) (dealers in the United States will be set up in future).

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