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List of Japanese Software

List of Japanese Software

High-quality Japanese software for the HP 100/200LX is not limited to those mentioned above. Below I have listed those which I thought would be of most interest to international users. Many of those listed have English documentation. Have a look at them, try them if you want to, and enjoy.

All the software listed is FREEWARE unless otherwise indicated.

Program Description of program On the Jan/Feb 97 ON DISK and Author's name English document Archive file name Location of archive file on www.PalmtopPaper.com

123CLIP Cut, Copy and Paste to and from the selected area of the built-in Lotus 1-2-3. You can switch between the 1-2-3 and other applications. Hiroyuki Sekiya available 123CL100 .ZIP CompuServe HPHAND or http://www.palmtop.net/super.html

123g Adds pull-down menus, dialog boxes and other features to Lotus 1-2-3. guel available 123G177.ZIP http:// www.palmtop.net/super.html

777 Falling object type game, similar to Tetris. Can play with other palmtop with IR or serial connection. = Takuma Mizui Available 777.ZIP http://www.palmtop.net/super.html

a2e converts AVI (standard movie format on Windows) to EVA format which runs on the 100/200LX. = R.,ichiro available a2e02a3.zip http://www.palmtop.net/super.html

BATTLOG Monitors and logs voltage of batteries, and displays a graph of the voltage changes over time. = GAOGAO available BATLOG14.ZIP CompuServe HPHAND, AOL PDA forum

CAPLX Screen capture program for the 100/200LX. DOS TSR program. = Hiroyuki Sekiya available CAPLX103.ZIP NIFTY-Serve FHPPC

CAPSYS Screen capture program for System Manager. MoreEXM is needed. = Hiroyuki Sekiya available CAPS100.ZIP NIFTY-Serve FHPPC

BMP2LX Converts BMP file to PCX files, which can be displayed on the 100/200LX. = Takeo Katoh (Take) n.a. BMP2LX2.LZH http://www .vector.co.jp/common/dos/machine/hp/graphics/

BSD Filer Lets you use Filer to transfer files between the Palmtop and a UNIX workstation. = Dai ISHIJIMA n.a. BSDFIL03.LZH NIFTY-Serve FHPPC, http://www.tri.pref.osaka.jp /~ishijima/freesoft/lx-filer.html

CliPlay Replays sound data (alarm sound format) copied in the clipboard. = Junji Masamitsu Available soon CLIPLAY.ZIP Compuserve HPHAND

D-Mail DOS program that lets you send and receive e-mail on Internet. = Makoto Watanabe n.a. DMAIL220 .LZH ftp://ftp.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp/PC /network/dos/Dmail

DosClip Cut and paste between DOS and built-in applications. = Hiroyuki Sekiya n.a. DOSCL104 .LZH http://www.vector.co.jp/common/dos/machine/hp/

DosLine Pop-up window to access DOS commands from built-in applications. = Masaki "Brahma" Tsumori available DOSLN100 .LZH NIFTY-Serve FHPPC or http:// www.palmtop.net/super.html

EMM200 Adds EMS (extended memory) to the 100/200LX, an ideal companion to Software Carousel and other DOS programs requiring EMS. = Hiroyuki Sekiya available EMM200.ZIP Compuserve HPHAND, AOL PDA forum

EVA Replays the digital video (movie) files on the 100/200LX in EVA format . = Tetsushi Yamamoto available EVA250.ZIP http://home.highway.or.jp/digiyama/lxsoft.html or http:// www.palmtop.net/super.html

EVA data Sample Data (movies) in EVA format. = Tetsushi Yamamoto available EVASMPL.LZH http://home .highway.or.jp/digiyama/lxsoft.html

EXkey Reassign key positions and create key macros. = Yoshihiro Hanaoka (Maruha) available EXKEY024.ZIP Compuserve HPHAND

GETAREA Enhances MAPPOT (see below), allowing you to go from the map to the related items on the database. = Eiichiroh Itoh n.a. GETAR051.LZH http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~HL1E-ITU/index_e.htm

GlobalSearch Searches through multiple files of multiple applications looking for a key word. Application can be automatically launched with selected data file. = Hiroyuki Sekiya available GS120.ZIP Compuserve HPHAND, AOL PDA forum

ICE (Icon Exchanger) replaces icons on Application Manager for built-in applications with your favorite icons. = Hiroyuki Sekiya available ICE100.ZIP Compuserve HPHAND K_ICON4 kikuyan's Icon Collection Vol.4. Use this set with ICE. kikuyan available K_ICON4.ZIP http://www.palmtop.net/super.html =

icn2txt\txt2icn Converts ICN files to plain text images (and in reverse direction). = Naohiko Kawamura (chawa) available ICN2TXT.ZIP Compuserve HPHAND, AOL PDA, http://www.vector.co.jp/common/dos/machine/hp/ (Japanese)

iPeX Add graphic images to System-Manager applications Phone Book, Database, Appointment Book. Masaki "Brahma" Tsumori available IPEX112.ZIP NIFTY-Serve FHPPC , CompuServe HPHAND, http:// www.palmtop.net/super.html =

jupiter Vertical reader for a Japanese Text. MeW n.a. JUP05 .LZH http://www.vector.co.jp/ common/dos/machine/hp/japan/ =

KeyM Lists start keys for the System Manager applications and Macros. CARGO available KEYM.ZIP Compuserve HPHAND, AOL PDA forum, = or http://www.vector.co.jp/common/dos/machine/hp/kbut/keym033.lzh (original)

LXDC Communication software for Kodak DC20 Digital Camera lets you store DC20 photos on your Palmtop. = Eiichiroh Itoh available LXDC032.LZH http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~HL1E-ITU/index_e.htm

LXETHER This driver lets you use an Accton Ethernet PC Card to connect your Palmtop to Ethernet LAN. = Yoichiro Ueno available LXETHER3.LZH http://tny-www.cs.titech.ac.jp /~ueno/HP 100lx-eng.html

LXMIDI Play a music file in MIDI format on the Palmtop. Maximum 16-note polyphony is supported. = HARUYA available LXMIDI62.ZIP Compuserve HPHAND, AOL PDA forum

MACTOP Macintosh-like Top Card for the 100\200LX. Naoya available MACTOP.ZIP Compuserve HPHAND, AOL PDA forum =

MAPPOT Lets you display graphics associated with a database entry. Masaki "Brahma" Tsumori available MAPPOT.ZIP Compuserve HPHAND, AOL PDA forum, PowerDisk 1995 =

maxdos Launch from System Manager a program requiring a large amount of conventional memory. = MeW n.a. MAXD03B.LZH http://www.vector.co.jp/common/dos/machine/hp/

MIMAC Gives a look and feel of Apple Macintosh to your Palmtop. Masaki "Brahma" Tsumori available MIMAC.ZIP Compuserve HPHAND, AOL PDA forum =

mml Start an application added by MoreEXM (see next software). guel n.a. MML150.LZH http://www .vector.co.jp/authors/VA002322/mysoft.html =

MoreEXM Add an unlimited number of EXM applications to the System Manager. = Hiroyuki Sekiya available MOREEXM.ZIP Compuserve HPHAND, AOL PDA forum

MptAid Reads the coordinate of a point on a map and saves it to the clipboard in MAPPOT-compliant format. = Masaki "Brahma" Tsumori available MPTAD012.ZIP Compuserve HPHAND, AOL PDA forum

pixy Graphic filer/viewer for PCX and ICN files. (Japanese environment needed for this program.) MeW n.a. PIXY02A.LZH NIFTY-Serve FHPPC

playEX Enhances the alarm function of the System Manager. Replay the Palmtop alarm sound data files(Extended MML Music Macro Language) format. = MeW available PLAYEX.ZIP Compuserve HPHAND, AOL PDA forum Bach Collection Sound data for playEX. Work of J.S.Bach. Suites for unaccompanied Cello. = UnROM n/a BACHSND6.LZH, BACHSND7.LZH NIFTY-Serve FHPPC Jun-Ku's sound data Jun-Ku's collection of sound data for appointment alarm and playEX. Jun-Ku n/a JUNKSND.LZH NIFTY-Serve (available as JUNKSND1.LZH etc) =

Pocket Launch predefined application to open predefined data file. TONTATA available LAUNCHER.ZIP Compuserve HPHAND, AOL PDA forum =

QVcom Save photos from Casio's QV-10 Digital Camera to a flash card in the 100/200LX. \ (Photoware) = Masaki "Brahma" Tsumori available QVCOM52.ZIP Compuserve HPHAND, OnDisk May/Jun 1996

SCP55_HP Enable the MIDI PC Card SCP-55 (by Roland) on the HP Palmtop. = Sour23 n.a. SCP55_HP.LZH http://www.vector.co.jp/common/dos/machine/hp/

SMMx Add or delete applications to and from MoreEXM or launch an application from its icon. (Nokoware for Japanese residents, Freeware for others.) = TabiKuro n.a. SMMX0100.LZH NIFTY-Serve FHPPC \

SPP100 Enables the Quatech SPP100 parallel port card. This driver lets you use the high-speed EPP mode. = Hiroyuki Sekiya available SPP020.ZIP NIFTY-Serve FHPPC, CompuServe HPHAND

TaskList Enables Tasklist similar to Windows 3.1. = Hiroyuki Sekiya available TLST120.ZIP Compuserve HPHAND, AOL PDA forum

TRAIN Searches for the optimum route in the Japanese train network. Eiichiroh Itoh available TRAIN261 .LZH http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/ ~HL1E-ITU/index_e.htm

TREE Graphic display of trees growing. Created by Rey Kinoshita, ported to the 100/200LX = Rey Kinoshita and Shozo Ito available TREE.ZIP Compuserve HPHAND, PowerDisk 1995, OnDisk Jul/Aug 1995

TXT2MAC Convert System Macros to and from plain ASCII text. OGASA available TXT2MAC4.LZH NIFTY-Serve FHPPC, http:// www.palmtop.net/super.html =

TYPER Game program for the typing exercise. Takeo Katoh (Take) available TYPER.ZIP Compuserve HPHAND, PowerDisk 1995, BestTips 1996 =

TUNE.EXE A tool for a musician, including a chromatic tuner, a metronome and a jazz scale trainer in one application. = Ringoro n.a. TUNE.LZH http://www.vector.co.jp/common/dos/machine/hp/ if not available, try ring.asahi-net.or.jp/archives/common/

W32 Filer Server program that lets you connect Filer on your Palmtop to a PC running 32-bit Windows . = Eiichiroh Itoh n.a. W32FIL02.LZH http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~HL1E-ITU/index_e.htm

ZOOM Enlarge the display of a System-Manager application. = Hiroyuki Sekiya available ZOOM110.ZIP http:// www.palmtop.net/super.html

ZOOMC TSR that lets you zoom the screen in DOS programs running in graphics mode. =

Torry n.a. ZOOMC.ZIP http:// www.palmtop.net/super.html


Unless otherwise indicated, the software listed here is freeware. You can freely use this software for non-commercial, private purposes. The copyright of the program is owned by its author(s). Generally you are not permitted to use it for commercial purposes unless you receive a prior permission from the authors. In many cases you are not permitted to post it to other BBS or FTP sites, unless you receive a permission from the authors. Contact the author first.

The software in this table works on US English version of the HP 100/200LX, unless noted otherwise. Some of the programs (for example the installer macro for MAPPOT) were found not to work correctly on European language version, since the macro labels and menu items are different from the US English.

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