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Appointment Book symbols provide visual reminders

What if two weeks in advance of an appointment you want to enter notes on travel directions? You press (F3) to add notes and promptly forget about them. Then when it comes time to locate those instructions, you might wonder where in the world you hid them. . Fortunately, you will be reminded about your notes by a little page symbol that shows up next to your appointment entry. It will appear next to any appointment, event, or ToDo for which a note is added.

Similarly, other symbols provide instant visual clues about the nature of the entry.


An exclamation point means a ToDo is due that day.

A sunrise shows up when you enter a new item. This helps you separate the new task from anything carried over from a previous day.

A bullet next to an item indicates it will be repeated.

Sad Face: If you set a due date for a ToDo in the Appointment Book but don't complete your task on time, the next day the sad face appears as a subtle hint that your task is overdue.

While all of the above symbols are automatic, you can also add the check mark symbol when you complete a ToDo, by highlighting the item and then pressing the (spacebar) or (-) key. The check mark automatically moves the ToDo to the bottom of the list.


A bullet next to an item indicates it will be repeated.

The musical note on an appointment reminds you that an alarm has been set.

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