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Grouping Phone Calls

Grouping Phone Calls

To be more successful in reaching your top goals, you may attempt to accomplish your day's tasks in order of their priority. However, it is often more efficient to group similar types of activities regardless of priority level. Your errands may be more urgent or important than half of your phone calls. But once you start on your high-priority calls, you may wish to complete the other low-priority calls before heading out the door for a flurry of errands. ON THE PALMTOP for those moments when you need to make multiple calls at one sitting, tapping through your Phone Book may not be the best way. Instead transfer names and phone numbers from PhoneBook into the note field of an Appointment or To Do item where you can make notes on the results of calls and lose less time between calls.

In Phone Book, use the arrow keys to move to the desired records and select them by tapping on the space bar. A diamond appears beside the record. Then press (F5) clip and arrow down until the line "Name and Business Phone" is selected. Press (F10). Open Appointment Book and make an appointment for phone calls. Press (F3) Note, and (Fn) (Paste). The clipped items will appear, so that you now have one list of all the people to call at that time, along with their phone numbers.

Use smart clip or cut and paste to transfer phone numbers to ToDo note when grouping phone calls. The Notes above include codes for result and time stamp (Fn)(.) (Time).

Use abbreviations to record results of calls, such as B for busy signal, NA for not available, CB 2:00 for call back at 2:00, and LM for left message on answering machine.

The Palmtop's time stamp is very convenient for these situations, so you can note exactly what time you reached a busy signal or no answer, and can better judge when to call back. (Fn) (Time).

You will want to make a report in the Phone Book's Note fields for each person you were able to reach, to record promises, commitments, and follow-ups notes.

Thanks to Joe Matz75630.2273@compuserve.com

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