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Showing Up On Time

Showing Up On Time

If you show up late for a meeting, you may be wasting someone else's most precious resource their time. You are unlikely to make a positive impression on the group. The Palmtop can assist your timely arrival if you use it properly.


Alarms can help you be on-time for appointments with others, but there is a trick to setting them. Calculate how much time it will take to arrive somewhere and then add at least 10-20 minutes for challenging circumstances. In Appointment Book, if you tab to the Leadtime box and press (+), the 5-minute default leadtime on the alarm becomes 20 minutes. Or in description, instead of writing "meet with John" and scheduling it for 2:00, you can type in "Depart for 2:00 meeting with John" and enter 1:45 in time.

If you need to prepare for a meeting, make a date with yourself in Appointment Book to get your materials organized in advance.

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