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Techniques for Avoiding Loss

Palmtops, glasses, cameras, and theatre tickets are among life's little things that are subject to loss or inadvertent damage. But there are several techniques to avert the danger. 1. Develop a place for these special little things and discipline yourself to always return them there. 2. When you are rushing, make doubly sure you have everything, because loss frequently occurs during a mad dash to catch a plane, get to a meeting, or something similar. 3. Keep a record of storage sites if necessary.


While on a plane, one woman placed her Palmtop in the pouch of the seatback in front of her where the magazines are kept. She naturally forgot about it and the airlines never found it. Someone on our staff left a Palmtop on the seat next to him at a restaurant. A reader reported that while he stood with his car door open, he put his Palmtop on top of the car to make a note, turned to talk to a friend, then got in the car and drove off. He ran over his Palmtop (which survived but had a broken latch).

We include these stories as motivation to always return your Palmtop to the place you have designated, such as your left pants pocket, holster, purse, spot on your desk or wherever. (Beware of placing it next to a full coffee mug, a sink or toilet, or any other source of liquids. We've heard stories....)

Use your Palmtop to help you remember other things, such as the $40 tickets to a Broadway touring show or the files you need to bring to your accountant. Make a quick note with alarm in your Palmtop when you schedule the event, both to remember to bring the needed item and to note its location in your home or wallet.

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